Preparing for a Legal Battle

Generally, an Evansville employment lawyer will ask clients to create a list of people who can support their employment discrimination case. This list—often referred to as a “cast of characters”—is very important because it is a reference of people who can provide testimony against the employer.

What is a “cast of characters”?

  • Evansville Social Security disability lawyerIt is a document that archives all the people who will be involved in an employment discrimination case.
  •  The “cast of characters” paper also provides a comprehensive list of contact and background information for everyone involved, including the plaintiff and defendant.
  • Background information included in the document ranges from basic things, such as the relationship between the person and the defendant or plaintiff, to more complex information, such as the person’s possible role in the employment discrimination case.
  • The claimant’s Evansville employment lawyer will be sure to note the role each person will play in the case (ally or enemy) and the type of testimony each witness can provide in court (strong or weak, positive or negative, etc.).

Will anyone besides the plaintiff’s attorney create a “cast of characters”?

  • Yes, the defense attorney will also form this list to establish a timeline of events and gather witness statements.
  • Lawyers typically do this in the very beginning of a case to compile contacts and judge the strength of their case.

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