Construction Site Injury

Construction Site Injury

A Construction Site Injury Law Firm in Evansville, Indiana and Surrounding Areas.

A lot of people have jobs where if a mistake is made, it’s not life or death. For instance, if a worker at a hotdog stand mistakenly puts mustard on the hotdog instead of ketchup – no big deal. The same is not true when mistakes are made at construction sites.

Construction site mistakes often lead to serious injury or death. At Siesky Law Firm, we have handled all kinds of construction site injuries and fatalities. By way of example, Siesky Law Firm has prosecuted construction site cases involving the death of a worker falling in a vat of chemicals, a worker falling to death from a ladder, a worker catastrophically injured when a vehicle hit him as he walked in a construction zone on a highway, and a worker falling to his death when the scaffolding he was working on collapsed.

A construction site injury often involve complex legal issues that include written contracts between the general contractor and contract workers, contracts between the owner of the premises and the general contractor, and so on. These written contracts normally speak to who is legally responsible for safety, and the contracts often contain “indemnification” agreements.

Moreover, an expert will normally need to be hired to inspect the equipment involved, such as a ladder, scaffolding, and the work site, to determine any defects. Experts are also often retained to state their opinions as to safety policies and procedures.

At Siesky Law Firm, we find and hire experts to help determine exactly what happened and prosecute construction site accidents. We can help.