One of Siesky Law Firm’s Core Values is Community.  We are therefore very active in the community donating time and money and supporting many worthy causes.

We've Supported the following Non-Profit and Community Causes:

  • Youth First
  • Evansville Association for the Blind
  • It Takes A Village
  • EVSC Plaza Park School
  • Dream Center
  • Evansville Bar Association
  • EVSC Hangers
  • Parenting Time Center
  • For Evansville
  • North High School Girls’ Soccer
  • We the People for Castle High School
  • Ace Eagle Disc Golf Club
  • Reitz Wrestling Booster Club
  • Point Man of Newburgh – Support Area Veterans
  • Albion Fellows Bacon Center
  • Tri-State Food Bank
  • Vanderburgh Law Library Foundation
  • Evansville Bar Foundation

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Did you know?

At Siesky Law Firm, we allow our employees the opportunity to volunteer at local community non-profits each month on company time.

We're proud to have created a “Lifetime Achievement Award” where our firm awards local community members that have demonstrated a lifetime committed to Excellence, Community and Integrity.