Work Injuries

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An Overview of Work Injuries from Evansville, Indiana Injury Law Firm, Siesky Law.

As a top Evansville Indiana injury lawyer, Siesky Law Firm handles work injury cases. We know it is challenging when an employee is injured at work. Obviously, the injured person must deal with being hurt. Furthermore, the injured person may be unable to work and need to file a workers’ compensation case. This can be a delicate situation as the injured employee wants the necessary medical care but does not want to upset the employer.

A person injured at work may have a personal injury case in addition to a work comp case if the injury resulted from the negligence of someone other than the injured person’s employer or coworker.

A Top Work Injuries Attorney

When injured at work, it is best to call a law firm experienced in evaluating and prosecuting work injury cases. Siesky Law Firm has the experience and resources to help if you or a loved one have been injured at work. Call or contact Siesky Law Firm today. We can help.