Birth Injuries and Fatalities

Birth Injuries and Fatalities

A Birth Injuries and Fatalities Law Firm in Evansville, Indiana and Surrounding Areas.

Birth injuries and fatalities cases are difficult for many reasons. First, the injury of a baby or the loss of an infant is hard to bear. The pain and emotions last forever. Moreover, the medial expenses can sometimes continue over a child’s entire lifetime.

Medical experts are needed to review the case and medical records to determine exactly what happened and what, if anything, should have been done differently. A birth injury or fatality case is different from standard medical malpractice cases. Indeed, in a birth case, fetal monitor strips are interpreted, and medical experts with expertise in baby delivery and infant care are needed.

At Siesky Law Firm, we understand what is needed for these types of cases, and have the resources to hire the best experts to evaluate birth cases. Moreover, we have an attorney who spent years defending medical malpractice cases, so we bring that experience to evaluating and prosecuting medical malpractice cases.

If you or a loved one have a birth injury or fatality case and want to discuss the matter, Siesky Law Firm can help. Call us today.