Explosion, Fire, and Burn Accidents

Explosion, Fire, and Burn Accidents

An Explosion, Fire, and Burn Accidents Law Firm in Evansville, Indiana and Surrounding Areas.

Siesky Law Firm has prosecuted and defended explosion and fire cases. As you might imagine, the resulting harm is usually significant when an explosion or fire occurs. Indeed, several of the explosion and fire cases Siesky Law has handled resulted in deaths and substantial property damage.

Expert testimony is almost always necessary. For instance, in an explosion or fire case involving a home, an expert as to where the fire started (cause and origin expert) is hired to investigate the scene and evidence. Also, an expert on why the fire or explosion occurred is typically retained.

The important evidence is usually harvested from the scene, inspected in a lab setting, and sometimes x-rayed or CT scanned.

The family suffering from an explosion or fire may be dealing with losing a loved one or a loved one who has suffered catastrophic injuries. The family may also be dealing with the loss of a home. At Siesky Law Firm, we have experience helping in these situations.

So, if you have suffered from an explosion or fire, contact Siesky Law Firm today. We have the experience and resources to help.