The Benefits of Settlement

A personal injury attorney can impart wisdom when an employee is analyzing the pros and cons of settling a personal injury case.  The good news is that many insurance companies in the Evansville and Newburgh area would rather settle a case than engage in an expensive and emotionally draining personal injury lawsuit.

Personal Injury Trial Expenses

personal injury attorneyMany insurance companies are aware of the many expenses involved in battling a personal injury case in court.  For instance, even if the jury rules in favor of the defense, the insurance company still needs to compensate their attorney for time spent working on the case. In addition, there are court expenses to consider including fees for filing, transcription, document processing and court press, as well as costs to travel to and from the courthouse.  Therefore insurance companies are more likely to settle out of court with a personal injury case then seek a trial.

Benefits of Settling

Many insurance companies choose to settle personal injury lawsuits because there is less negative publicity, less risk of loss involved, and the possibility of less time and money spent on the case.


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