Investigating the Facts of an Employment Case

Successfully representing an employee in an employment case is dependent upon the evidence the EvansvilleEmployment lawyer gathers with regard to the employee’s claims and the employer’s defenses.

In addition to evidence, two considerations that need to be addressed are the employer’s financial resources and the employer’s litigation philosophy.

Financial Resources

In part, whether an individual has a solid case against his or her former employer depends upon the financial stability and viability of the company. If the Evansville employment lawyer determines that the employer is not financially viable and a lawsuit will force the company to close its doors or file for bankruptcy, the case may only be worth a faction of what the case’s value would be otherwise.

As such, an employment lawyer needs to investigate to see if the defendant employer has an insurance policy, such as Employment Practices Liability Insurance, to cover such claims.

Employer’s Policy in Litigating Employment Claims

An Evansville employment lawyer will also need to explore the defendant employer’s policies and attitude in dealing with employment claims.

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