Ask Siesky Law – January 2022

Q: How long should I wait or decide if I’ve been in a car collision to hire an attorney or file a lawsuit? Is there a time limit?

A:  The statute of limitations (time deadline) for filing a lawsuit for an Indiana car collision is generally years from the date of the collision.  However, there are exceptions to this general rule.  An experienced injury law firm can advise you as to the exact statute of limitations that apply to your case.

A lot of our clients did not want to hire a law firm.  However, the headache of dealing with their injuries, property damage to their vehicle, the insurance adjusters, medical bills and lost wages got to the point they realized they needed the help of an experienced personal injury law firm.

Generally, hiring an experienced injury law firm early in the process is better.  A law firm can help navigate the claims process and minimize costly mistakes.

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