Severance Agreement Lawyer

Have you have been fired, laid off, or been the victim of downsizing? If so, you may be entitled to severance benefits, either under your former employer’s severance policy or under your own employment contract. Either way, it is in your best interest to contact an Evansville employment lawyer to determine what you are entitled to and to protect your legal rights.

Generally, an employer is not required to have a severance pay policy. However, your employment contract or company policy may define severance benefits that your company will need to provide to you in the event that you are no longer employed with that company.

If you are being let go and your employer does offer you a severance agreement, it is in your best interest to have the agreement reviewed by an Evansville employment lawyer who has extensive knowledge in this field of law. Often times, a severance agreement will contain a full general release in favor of the employer, meaning that, by signing the agreement, you may be waiving your rights to bring a claim.

Additionally, a severance agreement drafted by the employer is usually written to serve the best interests of the employer, NOT you the employee. As such, it is strongly recommended that if you are offered a severance agreement, you have an Evansville employment lawyer review the agreement and decide whether more favorable terms or compensation can be achieved.

Your Evansville employment lawyer can also evaluate your case to determine whether you have any potential claims against your employer and, if so, whether the severance package offered provides adequate compensation for release of those claims. Oftentimes, if a potential claim does exist, your Evansville employment lawyer can successfully get you a larger severance package than the amount initially offered by your employer.

In short, a good Evansville employment lawyer can help you consider both monetary and non-monetary terms of your severance agreement. Before you sign any severance agreements offered by your employer, consult with an Evansville employment lawyer.

Severance Agreement Lawyer

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