Indiana Wrongful Death: A General Overview

wrongful-death-attorneyThere are three different wrongful death statutes in Indiana – the General Wrongful Death Statute (GWDS), the Adult Wrongful Death Statute (AWDS) and the Child Wrongful Death Statute (CWDS).

wrongful-death-attorney-lane-sieskyThe GWDS applies when a person dies and leaves behind either a spouse or dependent next-of-kin.  The AWDS applies when an adult dies and does not leave behind a spouse or dependent next-of-kin.  The CWDS applies when a child is killed.  Each of these Statutes differ in terms of what damages are allowed.

By way of example,  compensation may include money damages for hospital bills, funeral costs, attorney’s fees, and even lost earnings and household services that would have benefited the survivors. Additionally, Indiana law may permit spouses and dependent children to recover non-economic damages for loss of love, care, and affection, as well as damages for loss of parental guidance and training.  Exactly what damages are recoverable depends upon the facts of a particular case and which Statute applies.

Wrongful Death Attorney

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