Reinstatement Offers – To Accept or Not To Accept

It is uncommon practice for defending employers in an employment law claim to approach the former plaintiff-employee with an offer of reinstatement.  However, it does happen sometimes.  Before making a decision on such offers, it is imperative to first consult with an Evansvilleemployment attorney.

More often that not, when the employer makes such an offer, the offer is typically made in an effort to cut off the plaintiff’s economic damages as opposed to really wanting the plaintiff back to work.

There are important factors to consider when making a decision as to whether accept or deny a reinstatement offer are:

  1. Will the employee suffer retaliation if the employee does return to work?;
  2. Is the employer’s goal to use the offer merely as a litigation tool to cut off damages should the employee refuse to return to work? and
  3. Will the employee suffer emotionally by returning to the work environment?

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