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EDR: What is it and Why is it Useful in a Legal Case?

Event Data Recorder, or EDR, is a device installed in a motor vehicle to record technical vehicle and occupant information for a brief period of time, typically seconds, before, during, and after a crash. EDRs are typically contained in the airbag control module but can be contained in other vehicle modules.

The EDR will trigger a recording due to one of two events known as deployment and non-deployment events. A deployment event is typically when an airbag is deployed in the vehicle and a non-deployment event is when a vehicle experiences a crash without airbag deployment. The EDR records approximately the 5 seconds that happened pre-crash and can include things such as vehicle speed, brake status, throttle position, steering input, seatbelt status, and occupant detection. Some EDRs can further record items such as ABS activity, stability control status, tire pressure warning light, vehicle roll angle, and more.

EDRs and the data EDRs contain can be very useful as evidence in a personal injury case because it gives a picture of what happened to that vehicle before, during, and after the accident. This is very important when liability and fault are being questioned and can help accident reconstructionists or private investigators create a report of what really happened.

Accidents Cause Emotional Suffering
At Siesky Law, we handle a wide variety of accident and injury cases.  From these accidents, many of our clients suffer mental and emotional trauma. Indeed, we have clients that develop anxiety, depression, PTSD, fear, panic attacks, and nightmares due to the extent of their accident or even from watching a loved one suffer from an accident. Depending on the individual, these feelings may arise immediately after the accident or take a couple of months to surface . The video below discusses our experience in handling cases involving emotional suffering

Plaza Park Break Room Makeover

For the past several months, we at Siesky Law Firm have been working closely with Penny Lane Coffee House and the EVSC Foundation to complete a break room remodel for Plaza Park International Prep Academy teachers and staff. Teachers are among the most dedicated and hard-working people in our community. We wanted to show our appreciation to some of the many by improving their lounge space to have a more productive and relaxing ambiance. Because of our partnership with Penny Lane Coffee House and the EVSC Foundation, we were able to update the paint, purchase new furniture, create a coffee and snack bar and create a more useful and organized area for some of our favorite teachers and community members.

“As a teacher at Plaza, it was a great upgrade. Thank you so much.”
– Nick C.

“This was a WONDERFUL start to our day! Thank you!”
– Hannah R.

“We, as a staff, are caffeinated, SO grateful, and so ready to start this year. The lounge looks amazing!!”
– Gabby W.

Legal Terminology 101: What is “Discovery”?

Discovery – The investigation that takes place after a lawsuit is filed but before going to trial. This is the time when facts and information are gathered about the other party to further build the case. Discovery can be written, in the form of interrogatories or requests for production, or orally which is typically in the form of a deposition.

Interrogatory – The exchange of written questions between parties or a lawsuit used to uncover important information to build a stronger case.

Request for Production – Used to gain access to documents, electronic data, and physical items held by an opposing party to build a stronger case.

Deposition – Testimony taken under oath whereby an attorney questions the other party or relevant witnesses. This can be done in person or via teleconference.