Qui Tam Whistleblower: What a Relator Should Know Before Filing Suit

If you work for a company that submits bills to government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid and find yourself the victim of discrimination, harassment, out of a job after reporting suspected billing fraud to your boss, you have legal recourse. A little-known statute, known as the Qui Tam Statute, allows a private person, such as yourself, to sue a person or company who is knowingly submitting false bills to the federal government. The Act also protects qui tam plaintiffs who are demoted, suspended, threatened, or in any other discriminated against for acts done in furtherance of filing such a claim.  But before you file your claim, it is strongly recommended that you seek the legal assistance of an Evansville, Indiana whistleblower attorney.

If you believe that you are the victim of discrimination for reporting false billings to the government (known as a whistleblower or relator) and are planning to file a claim under the Qui Tam Statute, there are certain things you should keep in mind. Although your Evansville, Indiana whistleblower attorney can provide you with more details, below is advice you should take into consideration:

  • It is important for relators to step forward as quickly as possible because the first person to file a case under the False Claims Act for a particular fraud preempts all other cases.
  • The relator files the lawsuit in federal court “under seal,” meaning that the case is not available to the public and cannot be discussed with anyone except the government officials, until the government has finished investigating.
  • At the end of the sealed investigation, the government will decide whether to intervene and join the case as lead counsel or let the relator move forward and assume primary responsibility for handling the case.
  • Upon the settlement of the case, the defendant will have to pay the relator’s attorney’s fees.
  • The relator’s compensation usually ranges from 15{6f4efdc9c5d21be616bda617b226fe547f5c58c4cc2beb40965b9a6a2d50fd93} to 30{6f4efdc9c5d21be616bda617b226fe547f5c58c4cc2beb40965b9a6a2d50fd93}, depending on whether the government intervenes in the case and the extent to which the relator substantially contributed to the prosecution of the action.
  • It is important that the relator hires an experienced Evansville, Indiana whistleblower attorney who is experienced in litigating qui tam lawsuits.

If you are thinking of coming forward and blowing the whistle on your employer or another company, you should schedule a free consultation with an Evansville, Indiana whistleblower attorney by contacting the Siesky & Viehe Law Firm, PC at (812) 402-7700.