Pharmacy Errors in Filling Prescriptions

Pharmacy errors generally take place when a pharmacist makes an error in filling prescription medicines. For instance, the pharmacist may give someone the incorrect medicine or advise that person to take the incorrect dosage of medication. Anytime a pharmacist makes a mistake when filling a prescription, he or she can jeopardize peoples’ lives. It has previously been shown that pharmacy errors are accountable for many injuries and deaths every year. However, there are a few things that you can do when getting medicines from your pharmacist that may decrease pharmacy errors, including: ensuring that you have received the correct medication when the pharmacist gives it to you, memorizing the amount that you are required to take, and knowing how your medicine is supposed to look.

Prior to filling your medication, you may wish to review your prescription with your doctor and review dosage amounts and instructions with him or her so that you are completely familiar with your medicine ahead of time. Nonetheless, while these tips may help diminish pharmacy errors, they still might not stop them. If you believe that you have been the victim of a prescription-filling error, you may want to contact a competent Evansville personal injury lawyer to assist you with establishing the facts of your case.

The law allows for injured persons or survivors of deceased persons to be compensated for injuries or deaths caused by prescription errors. Errors with prescription medications have far more serious implications than over-the-counter drugs. Therefore, it is imperative that pharmacists provide patients with the correct drug at the correct dosage. The law requires that pharmacists exercise reasonable care when filling each and every prescription order to ensure that you, the customer, get the maximum standard of care and evade injury.

Many prescription medications treat extremely serious ailments and diseases, and in addition to the risks that are generally associated with taking an incorrect drug or the wrong dosage, are the risks linked with not properly treating the disease or illness that prompted your physician to prescribe medication to you in the first place. If you need an Evansville personal injury lawyer, please contact Lane Siesky for a free consultation.