How Your Evansville Personal Injury Attorney Will Prepare for Trial

Many personal injury claimants don’t have a full understanding of the amount of work their attorneys put into preparations for trial. Here is a list of tasks your Evansville personal injury attorney will perform when working on your case prior to trial:


  • Determine which witnesses from the opposing party to depose.
  • Schedule dates and times for depositions.
  • Prepare you (the client) and other witnesses, including experts, for depositions.
  • Attend and monitor depositions.
  • Prepare summaries of depositions for trial.


  • Conduct extensive research regarding appropriate legal issues, such as admissibility of certain evidence.
  • Prepare and serve on defendant all necessary motions, such as:
    • Motion for partial summary judgment or full summary judgment
    • Motion for in limine exclusion of certain evidence
    • Motion to exclude testimony of adverse expert witnesses

Final Preparations

  • Prepare certificate of readiness to have the court set a trial date.
  • Attend necessary hearings and pleadings.
  • Alert all witnesses, including you, your doctors, your expert witnesses, etc., of the trial schedule.
  • Prepare questions and information for witnesses.
  • Send all witnesses material on how to testify, key points to remember, outlines, and other information.
  • Prepare subpoenas for necessary witnesses and have them served.
  • Prepare materials according to judge’s pretrial orders.
  • Prepare jury instructions.
  • Determine questions to ask during jury selection.
  • Write and prepare opening statement.
  • Determine electronic equipment to be used at trial and ensure that it is ready to be used.

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These are just some of the things you can expect your Evansville personal injury attorney to do while working on your case. For more information about filing a personal injury lawsuit, contact an experienced Evansville personal injury attorney who can answer any questions you may have. Call the Siesky & Viehe Law Firm, PC at (812) 402-7700.