Damage Evaluation Checklist for Personal Injury Lawyer

Your Evansville personal injury attorney needs to assess all the possible items of damage in order to determine an accurate value for the settlement of your case. The following checklist is a tool your Evansville personal injury attorney may use to itemize and evaluate various damage elements that you may recover as well as a source to prove each one. Before trial or settlement discussions proceed, these questions and their answers will be considered by your Evansville personal injury attorney.

  • Has the client’s perspective of life changed because of the injury?
  • Has the personality of the client changed as a result of the injury?
  • If there has been a change, are witnesses available who can testify to it?
  • Has the client’s capacity for hobbies, social activities, or other interests been diminished?
  • Has an analysis and evaluation of the client’s suffering and pain (present, past, and future) been conducted?
  • Has the client’s suffering and pain been observed and described by witnesses who can testify regarding it?
  • Can the client’s suffering and pain be documented further by a physician’s testimony and medical records?
  • Can the client’s suffering and pain be demonstrated by available videotapes, photographs, or films?
  • Can the client’s suffering and pain be alleviated by any means or methods?
  • In order to handle the suffering and pain, has the client altered or changed his or her lifestyle?
  • Has pain caused the client to change aspects of his or her job, or change jobs completely?
  • In order to alleviate pain, has any particular medical equipment been purchased by the client?
  • Has any specific therapy been undergone by the client to alleviate pain?
  • Has physical injury as well as accompanying psychological injury given rise to the client’s suffering and pain?
  • Is the client’s suffering and mental pain documented by hospital records or physicians’ reports?
  • Do the hospital records and reports of health care providers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians all demonstrate a causal relationship between the client’s medical/psychological problems/symptoms and the accident/incident/trauma?
  • Are any medications taken by the client to ease suffering and mental pain?
  • Is the client’s suffering and pain characterized and documented by available testimony of a medical expert?

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