Attorney’s Evaluation of Clients

Keep in mind that any attorney may decline to take your case if you appear insincere about disclosing all relevant details or seeking medical help.

Listed below are some of the factors your Evansville personal injury attorney will consider in deciding whether or not to accept your case.

Date of Incident

Following the incident, you should retain an attorney as soon as possible so he or she can ensure that the case is handled properly from the start. The statute of limitations may expire if you wait too long, and you will lose the opportunity to sue. The complexities of a legal case may lead you to make irreversible mistakes if you try to handle it by yourself.

How Did the Incident Occur?

This is a crucial factor that will determine the liability question. If you are solely responsible for your injuries, an attorney will be reluctant to take your case. If you appear noncommittal as to fully describing how the incident unfolded, an attorney may decline to take the case, as he or she will identify you as a difficult client.

The Location of Incident

Where the incident occurred will determine the appropriate venue if the case must proceed to suit. Your attorney may be drawn to your case if the incident took place in the county or jurisdiction in which the attorney’s office is located or in a county close by, as this would be convenient for him or her in trying your case.


If you were injured but did not visit a doctor or medical facility, your Evansville personal injury attorney, as well as the insurance adjuster and jury, may believe that your injuries are only minor (unless the accident is very recent). Your accident attorney will also observe how well you explain the nature of your injuries.

Potential Client’s Current Physical Complaints

Your attorney will ask you for details about your current physical condition in order to evaluate your damages. Has your condition stabilized, or is it on the way to recovery? If your disabilities are permanent, would you need ongoing treatment?


If the incident was serious and was observed by witnesses, an accident attorney needs to interview them or have them interviewed by an investigator right away.

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