Qui Tam Whistleblower: What It Means to Be a Relator

Is your career jeopardized by the actions or misconduct of your associates? Are you seeking assistance in exposing fraudulent conduct by your employer against the Government that will ultimately jeopardize your own job security and future?

If so, you can rest assured that you will be protected under the False Claims Act, also known as the Qui TamStatute, if you decide to bring a lawsuit as a whistleblower against your employer. But before you do, it is in your best interest to consult with an Evansville, Indiana whistleblower lawyer to discuss what it really means to be a whistleblower or “relator.”

The phrase “qui tam” describes an individual’s authority to act on behalf of himself and his government. A qui tam legal action is a civil lawsuit brought by a “relator” or whistleblower against a former employer or former employee, typically regarding a government contract. The qui tam whistleblower reward is a provision of the False Claims Act, which was originally enacted to oppose defense procurement fraud by defense contractors.

More specifically, a whistleblower or relator can be any person that witnesses and reports misconduct by an individual, an organization, or a government entity. Typically, the misconduct involves a violation of any law or regulation that results in the Government being defrauded.

Congress has recognized the vital role played by a whistleblower in fighting fraud against the government. For this reason, the False Claims Act provides incentives to the relator who has the courage to blow the whistle on fraud. A relator filing a qui tam lawsuit can receive between 15 to 30 percent of the total recovery from the defendant, through either a favorable verdict or a settlement. Your Evansville, Indiana whistleblower lawyer can provide you with more information as to what you should expect as a relator bringing a qui tam lawsuit.

If you are thinking about reporting fraud or misconduct, or if you have already blown the whistle and facing retaliation, you should not delay in retaining the aggressive and effective defense representation that an Evansville, Indiana whistleblower lawyer can give you to protect and pursue your rights in a qui tam and whistleblower action.

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