Information about Lawyers and False Claims Act Filings

Two commonly asked questions are: Is it necessary to hire an Evansville False Claims Act attorney? If so, how do I pay for an attorney? Hiring an attorney is an extremely important aspect of pursuing your False Claims Action. This is evidenced by the False Claims Act specifically including a provision for the award for attorneys’ fees for successful claims. Why, you ask, is an attorney necessary?

Why Is an Evansville False Claims Act Attorney Necessary? While the law does not require you to have an attorney, it is an extremely good idea to have one representing you. False Claims cases are complicated. They require lots of investigation and the gathering of sufficient evidence to substantiate the claims. You can be sure that if you are going against a large company and a substantial amount of money is at stake, your employer is going to have very experienced False Claims attorneys involved to defend the action. A whistleblower is simply disadvantaged without an experienced Evansville False Claims Act attorney. Getting an attorney involved allows you to benefit from his or her legal expertise and experience pursuing these types of claims. Your attorney’s job is to properly shape and present your case to the Justice Department and the court. The Justice Department will intervene about 25{6f4efdc9c5d21be616bda617b226fe547f5c58c4cc2beb40965b9a6a2d50fd93} of the time. If the Justice Department attorneys do intervene in your case, the success rate is about 90{6f4efdc9c5d21be616bda617b226fe547f5c58c4cc2beb40965b9a6a2d50fd93}. If they do not, that rate drops to about 20{6f4efdc9c5d21be616bda617b226fe547f5c58c4cc2beb40965b9a6a2d50fd93}.

How Does My Evansville False Claims Act attorney get paid? Attorneys take False Claims Act cases on a contingency basis. This means that you do not normally pay any money out of pocket, rather your attorney will take a percentage of your award only if the case is successful. If an Evansville False Claims Act attorney believes that your case has merit and takes you on as client, the firm will spend huge amounts of time and expense preparing your case. The case may take years. Depositions of witnesses may need to be taken throughout the country, huge amounts of documents reviewed, analyzed and copied, exhibits prepared, etc. Attorneys are also entitled to an award of attorney fees by the court from the defendant if the action is successful. If the case is ultimately not successful, your Evansville False Claims Act attorney recovers nothing.

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