Whistleblower Claims (Qui Tam)

Who Is Protected by the False Claims Act?

If you believe you may have insider information about a fraud being committed against the federal government, you should contact an Evansville False Claims Act attorney to discuss your matter. False claims that are knowingly (that is, fraudulently) submitted to federal government agencies cost the government billions of dollars each year.  To encourage people to come forward with their knowledge of fraudulent claims, the False Claims Act provides for the recovery of your Evansville False Claims Act attorney’s fees to allow you to be in the best position possible to uncover a fraud.  The False Claims Act protects disadvantaged persons in our society who would lose out when federal programs are cut or limited due to limited resources caused in part by abuses from false claims. Ultimately, the False Claims Act benefits all persons in society in the United States.

It protects patients and consumers.

Incentives for reporting fraud encourages doctors and other medical providers to not conduct unnecessary tests or procedures.  It aims to crack down on fraudulent acts, such as the repackaging of pills as new or overcharging for medical equipment. It provides disincentives for prescribing unwarranted medications and treatment. This can save lives and help contain healthcare costs.

It protects the elderly.

The Medicare and Medicaid systems are invaluable for paying for many senior citizens’ health care needs in the U.S.  Cracking down on fraud encourages quality care in nursing facilities.  Furthermore, it bolsters the probability that the elderly will get the medical care and goods that they need, and discourages harmful medical treatment and testing practices, such as those previously mentioned.

It protects the environment.

Unethical and illegal attainment of natural resources such as trees, oil, and minerals can have devastating effects to both the environment and people.  The False Claims Act supports the reporting of these misdeeds and provides incentives to report companies engaged in dishonest polluting or toxic waste cleanup activities. The False Claims Act bolsters the effectiveness of other environmental protection laws.  This helps protect our natural resources for future generations.

It protects our soldiers.

The False Claims Act encourages the reporting of fraud being committed in contracts related to military goods and services for the federal government.  This means that there is a better chance that when our soldiers are in combat, the guns they use will fire, the planes they use will fly, and the guidance systems they utilize will guide.  A safer military saves lives and provides a stronger nation for us all.

You should consult an Evansville False Claims Act attorney to learn if the misdeed you are aware of fall under the various protections of The False Claims Act.

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