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What are Focus Groups? Why are they Important?

Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice cases can often be complicated, so sometimes, we will use a “focus group” to better prepare for mediation and settlement negotiations. In a particular case, we use a “focus group” that is comprised of individuals recruited from the same geographical area where the case is pending. This group of participants is asked about their impressions, attitudes, and beliefs about the issues in the case.

One of the best ways we can prepare for depositions, settlement negotiations, or a trial, is to present facts about the case to a group of individuals from the community where the case is pending. Utilizing an experienced focus group moderator to guide participants through a candid discussion after reviewing case details allows us to obtain feedback on the weaknesses of the case and uncover which facts and evidence potential jurors might find most critical in deciding the outcome. The feedback that we receive from these focus groups is invaluable as we prepare to evaluate the case for settlement or mediation and preparing the case in litigation for trial.

Our law firm has used focus groups in the past for unique and complicated cases. We strongly believe the focus groups have helped us to more specifically tailor our case and deliver better results for our clients. 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings – Pt. 1
Few give thought to their surroundings and how it relates to their safety, but being aware can alter or change your life. Taking the time to be aware, ask questions, and do our research can make all the difference in scenarios where safety is important. Examples where safety awareness is important and can prevent accidents and save lives include when working at a job site, purchasing a car, or even buying products that could be recalled and known to cause accidents. Just taking a little time to think through safety can be the difference between life and death.

Legal Terminology:

Premises Liability – The legal responsibility of a property owner or occupier of property to maintain the land and building in a reasonably safe condition for invitees and others who may be visiting. If a landowner fails to uphold this standard of care, the landowner may owe compensation to persons who sustain certain injuries while on their premises. For example, a person who is hurt because of an unreasonably dangerous hazard on the property may be able to sue the property owner for negligence.

Products Liability – The area of civil law that concerns the liability of manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and other parties who make a product for the public. If manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and/or retailers fail to uphold the standards of care, they may be legally responsible for injuries that the faulty product causes.

Partnering with For Evansville – A Powerful Film Coming Soon!

Siesky Law Firm, PC has had the honor of working with For Evansville to partner with and sponsor a short film that exemplifies what is broken in our city and explores what is possible when we love our neighbors and come together. For Evansville helps bridge connections between our community, and businesses such as ours, to make impacting changes and better futures for our local families.

Recently, For Evansville created a short film, Fragile Strength! that was screened at the Global Leadership Summit (GLS). This short film was so powerful that it brought tears to our eyes.
It tells the story of a young lady who shows great potential when arguing with her teacher about chewing gum in class. She makes valid arguments, and the teacher invites her to join the debate team as he can see she would be phenomenal at it. The teacher quickly realizes that his student is interested in joining the team, but she can never get to practice and pretends not to want to be part of the team.

As we learn more, we find out that she has  a single mom, and it’s her responsibility to watch her younger siblings after school, making it impossible for her to come to debate practice. The teacher sees the potential in her and strategizes with other teachers and community members to work together to find resources for his student and her siblings to ensure she can join the team. The story ends in a very powerful and impactful way, but we don’t want to spoil it…. Warning, you’ll need a tissue!

For Evansville is working with community members to make more stories like this one come to light to help our community flourish. The short film will be shown during the Imagine Evansville event on September 15th at the Old National Bank Atrium, from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. We encourage you to attend this talk to learn more about this amazing nonprofit and how you can help Evansville flourish.  Once the film is made available to the public, we will share it via our social media links.