Whistleblower Claims (Qui Tam)

Whistleblowers: Filing a Complaint under Seal

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An experienced whistleblower attorney knows that whistleblowers have proven to be a valuable asset to the federal government, as well as other organizations. Accordingly, because of the need to allow the government to investigate allegations of fraud without the defendant knowing and to protect whistleblowers, the process for False Claims Act lawsuits is less publicized initially than […]


Non-Compete Agreements

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Generally, Indiana courts are willing to uphold a reasonable agreement not to compete even though such an agreement can be seen as being a restraint of trade.  However, the agreement must be reasonable as to the geographical limitation, time limitation and scope of work prohibited.  Moreover, an Evansville employment attorney will tell you that certain interests of […]

Personal Injury and Accident Law

Complaint for Medical Malpractice

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The Indiana Medical Malpractice Act contains detailed rules and procedures for filing a medical malpractice case. In order to preserve your claim, you and your Evansville medical malpractice attorney must ensure that you comply with the procedures by filing all of the required paperwork within the time period allowed by the Act. Limitations Period A […]